Transfer booking instructions

The website has an English-language interface, a large selection of machines and a simple search form - everything is clear on an intuitive level.

Looking for a car

We open the official website for finding a transfer abroad and fill out the form on the main page.
Website for booking a transfer abroad
Transfer search form
  1. Here we indicate: Where the departure is from (airport, city or train station). As soon as you start typing the name of the item in the "From" field, the system will offer options, you can choose the appropriate one or continue typing the name yourself.
  2. Where to go. You need to designate the point of arrival. Similarly, as soon as you start typing the name, the service will show hints.
  3. Reverse transfer. Ordering a car in both directions (not only Larnaca-Protaras airport, but also after some time Protaras-Larnaca airport). Click on the button if you need a return transfer (it will turn green, if the option is disabled, it will be gray).
  4. The number of passengers. Click on the plus - one more passenger will be added.
After that, click on the bright green "search" button.
Search a transfer for tourists on the Internet
After filling out the form, click on search
If you click on the arrows between the "From" and "To" fields, they will swap places (instead of Larnaca Airport-Protaras, the system will look for options on the Protaras-Larnaca Airport route).
Book a transfer online
Click here to swap destinations
There is no date field in the search form, it will need to be specified later.

Choosing a car for transfer

The site will provide a list with car classes that fit your parameters. UniTransfers has 12 classes of cars: from micro for three to 19-seater buses. Under the list there is information about the route distance and travel time.
Transfer in Europe and Asia order online
The system will offer options with prices
In the block of each class it is indicated:
  1. Examples of cars that fall into this category (below the car image).
  2. How many passenger seats.
  3. How many places for luggage.
  4. Minimum transfer price.
Book a transfer online
Data to help you make a choice at this stage
Having decided on the choice of class according to these data, press the green button "Order". It is located in the right block under the price. This step means only the transition to the order form, it does not bear any financial obligations.
Note! We do not order a specific car, but a car that fits the given parameters. In the Comfort class, this can be either a VW Passat or a Toyota Camry. In the Economy class - Skoda Octavia, Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Elantra, etc. A car of the selected category or class above, but not below, will arrive.

Order a transfer online

Find a taxi from the airport to the hotel
Personal data form
After clicking "Order", a new page will open. You need to enter your information on it:
  • Arrival flight number (all letters and numbers). You can see it in your e-ticket.
  • The exact arrival time. You can see it in your e-ticket.
  • Destination. The name of the hotel or the address of the apartment, apartment, hotel, villa. You can see it in your booking confirmation.
  • Contact information. Name and surname of the passenger in Latin letters. This is how the name will be written on the sign when meeting at the airport.
  • Email. It will receive an order confirmation and a transfer voucher, as well as clarifying questions from the organizers.
  • Phone number with international country code. Needed for emergency calls, number must be available on the day of transfer.
Also on this page you can note additional options:
  • the need for drinking water (0.5l non-carbonated water);
  • an additional hour of waiting (the driver waits not one hour from the time of arrival, but two).
These services are paid, to enable them, you need to click on the buttons (turn green). The price of each additional service will appear as soon as you make it active, the total amount will automatically change immediately.
Order a transfer abroad
Additional options not ordered
Airport transfer book
Additional options ordered, price changed
On the same page there is a map with a laid route and reviews of tourists who have already used a similar transfer. This information may be useful in making a decision.
If you need a child seat or have non-standard luggage, you must specify this when ordering. By the time of your arrival, all the nuances will be resolved.
We carefully check all the data, check the box "I agree with the conditions" and click the "To pay" button, which is located above the transfer price.
Order a taxi from the airport abroad
We mark the agreement, click "To payment"

Paying for the transfer

Transfer search on the Internet
Payment Options
When ordering a transfer on, you can pay for the trip in three ways:
  • Full payment by card on the site.
  • Partial prepayment on the site, the second part - directly to the driver.
  • Without prepayment - the entire amount to the driver. In this case, when booking, you need to link a card to confirm your intention to travel. This method is not always available.
Select the appropriate option and click on the button in this block. The page will indicate in dollars and in foreign currency how much you need to pay immediately, and how much to pay to the driver. Next, select the payment system and click the "Pay" button. The service works with VISA and MasterCard cards.
Pay transfer online
Last step - payment
Confirmation of the transfer booking will be sent to the previously specified email.
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